Events This Month

Date Event Event or Farm Talk Description Music from 11-3
6/24/17 Ripe and Juicy Peaches at the Farm Market Finally, summer is officially here with juicy tree-ripened peaches to sink your teeth into! Dave Miller
7/1/17 Independence Day Beef and Pork Sampling Sample some of our meat products to get ready for your picnic on the Fourth of July.
Dave Miller
7/8/17 Peach Sundaes Try some of our delicious peaches on your favorite Homestead Creamery Ice Cream.  It is outstanding!
Dave Miller
7/15/17 Peaches on the Grill! Discover a taste delight with our juicy grilled peaches.  Fantastic alone but coupled with our pork chops…WOW! The Ridge Runners
7/22/17 Bluegrass Music and Freestone Peaches
See if you can tap your toes while you lick that peach juice off your chin Gallatin Canyon
7/29/17 Customer Appreciation Day Share some cake and comraderies with Mr. Carson. Kim and Jimbo Cary